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 Gratitude journal

This is not another one of those self-help books that will help you to become a brand-new person. This journal is a conversation with yourself. To help you remember that happiness is not on a getaway to the mountains or resting under a palm tree an ocean away. You will not find it outside. It already lives inside of you and speaks the language of gratitude.

300 days – that is how long I invite You to express your gratitude for. Not only for the things happening outside but also for the thoughts, feelings and emotions living inside of you. Gratitude is the best tool to catch the moment of happiness, and the daily ritual – to capture it. 5 minutes a day of gratitude practice are in fact enough to make sure that the feeling of happiness visits you more and more often until it finally stays with you permanently, and when you look up at the sky to be able to first notice not the grey clouds but the bright sunlit corners.