Writer and traveler

Agne Amalija

  • Author of "Between Oceans," which is successfully making its way into the hearts of readers.

  • Writer of "Best Wishes," where every month you will find some texts about life and how I see it. I know that through the pages of my book and through blog posts, I can talk to you about topics that often make others choose silence.

  • Founder of the Gratitude Journal. This practice saved me from a very dark period in my life, and inspired by it, I created a gratitude journal for you. To remind you that not every day has to be good, but there is something good in every day :)

  • Creator of The Tree of Emotions therapy, which was born out of my love for forests, observing the daily changes in nature, and realizing how much we have in common with trees, how much you can see if you just watch, if you just find the time to feel. I am delighted that the Tree of Emotions therapy also contributes to the preservation of ancient forests.

  • Probably the last person on this earth who still believes in true love.

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You can write to me not only about the products, or issues that arise. People have already forgotten how important it is to write letters and how good it feels to receive them :)