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And this time, I made a lap around the sun at a furious speed. There was so much, and everything flashed by at a crazy pace. Probably the first year of my life where I didn’t have time to look back – I was barely able to marvel at how everything changed before my eyes. Still, a few of the best things stayed in my memory, and to not forget, I’ll leave them here. Maybe some of them will stick to your journey around the sun.

1. May is the best month of the year because only in this month do chestnut trees bloom.

2. Books are better than Netflix.

3. People no longer know how to talk to each other. Still…

4. It’s not true that men don’t know how to talk about love. You just need to know how to ask them the right questions.

5. The song “Three Tree Town” is ideal if you watch the sunset alone.

6. If you’re watching the sunset with someone – don’t play music. There’s no room for anything else between two people and a sunset. Everything is enough.

7. When it becomes unbearably painful, the best thing is to laugh.

8. There is no price too high or distance too far to see someone. There’s only too little desire.

9. If you feel ugly – it’s time to buy a new dress.

10. People live in songs. And they stay there forever. It’s a pity we never find out which song reminds someone of you.

11. Things that are self-evident are truly self-evident only to you and sometimes to your best friend.

12. You need to learn to celebrate victories.

13. If you don’t know the answers to the trickiest life questions – go for a walk. You probably won’t come up with an answer anyway, but at least you’ll sleep better. The more tricky questions – the better sleep regime you can expect.

14. I’m still surprised by people who stand up and leave when the sun is setting. There is something wrong with them.

15. Girls are the best wingmen for men.

16. Gay men are the best wingmen for girls.

17. A smart person apologizes first. It doesn’t matter who is to blame.

18. When you like someone, you accidentally learn to be patient. Therefore, sometimes (but only sometimes), you can wait.

19. Porto is the most beautiful city in the world.

20. It’s obvious when people create for money and when they create out of love.

21. Only when you end up in a hospital do you realize how important it is to have someone in your life. And when you don’t – you really want to have one.

22. When you leave the hospital, that desire passes.

23. Life is much more beautiful when the taxi driver plays a song you both like and takes a few extra laps so you can sing it together.

24. You can talk to Japanese people about both Dragon Ball Z and director Jonas Mekas.

25. Self-respect and selfishness are different things.

26. People live the same if they earn 1000 or 10,000 euros. I still don’t understand where the latter spend their money and why the first ones are happier.

27. On the first date, the guy should pay for coffee.

28. If you’re not a sporty person, you shouldn’t climb mountains that only experienced alpinists traverse.

29. The best thing in life is to have a mom and dad. If you have a brother too – extra lucky because you learn to fight.

30. The second best thing in life is drinking wine with your best friends when it’s warm outside and the mosquitoes aren’t biting.

31. When you miss someone terribly. And you know it’s just a matter of time before that longing ends.

32. Writing knowing that it will be read. And who will read it.

I hope something fits your list too.

I’ll tell you what new things I’ve understood after 365 days.

It feels good, it seems like it will be good.


Let’s go.

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